Chinese herbal approach to lose weight without gaining it back

Now a day the most common health problem for Americans is being overweight. Being severely overweight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory distress, arthritis, etc. So how do we lose weight without gaining it back? First, not by dieting, one of the problems is that Americans are obsessed with dieting and ironically; it is this very obsession that prevents them from maintaining a stable, normal weight. Second, not by fad diets - most of these fad diets help them to shed pounds, often very quickly, but nearly all of these fad diets fall short in that they do not have a lasting effect. Those pounds that seem to drop off so miraculously are mostly bodily fluids lost through dehydration.

In fact, some studies have shown that as many as 90% of all dieters regain the weight within a year of losing it and sadly many put on even more weight. Clearly diet alone or fad diets are not the answer and may even cause other problems in their bodies such as dryness, insomnia, headaches, constipation, water retention, nervousness, irritability, heart palpitation, and weakening of the digestive system.

In order to achieve their goal of losing weight sensibly they need to take a multi-faceted approach.

1.) Supplement the digestive energy - the importance of the digestive system as it relates to weight loss cannot be overly emphasize. We depend on our digestive system to absorb and assimilate the nutrients that we need in order to support and sustain the body's normal function. If our digestive system isn't working as efficiently as it could or is digesting food sluggishly we will still gain weight. That's where Forever Health Metabo Chi , Ultra Fen-Chi, Thermo Slim Chi and Digest Chi are invaluable to you in your war against fat. Using only natural Chinese herbs, Metabo Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi, Thermo Slim Chi and Digest Chi have been formulated to help strengthen the energy of the stomach and digestive system and to help speed up the process of food digestion before the food has a chance to change to excess fat in the body. Dieting without sufficient stomach and digestive energy can eventually cause overexertion, dehydration and undernourishment of the body, which can eventually lead to further weakening and impairment of the digestive system. Once that happens permanent and natural weight control will become quite difficult.

2.) Maintain regular bowel movements - use of Bowel Build Chi or Bowel Cleanse Chi can help maintain regular bowel movement when as needed. Irregular bowel movements over a period of time will cause stagnant/undigested food, toxins and other impurities to accumulate in the colon. Excess accumulation of these waste participles will eventually overheat and impair the digestive system from functioning normally, preventing absorption of essential nutrients. This will gradually lead to symptoms of undernourishment as the body develops a craving for sweet and a constant urge to eat as well as weight gain. Regular uses of Bowel Build Chi or Bowel Cleanse Chi and Sang Ji Sheng tea will help prevent this as well as provide necessary moisture to the body to help facilitate regular bowel movements.

3.) Drinking too much water can cause water retention in the body - the primary characteristic of fluid deficiency in our bodies is dryness. Water by itself cannot do an adequate job of moisturizing the body's internal organs, which can result in dehydration and possible irritation from heat excesses in the body. Those who drink too much water often finds their kidneys weakened, and unable to cope with the excess fluid developing severe cases of edema (bloating), which in itself can contribute to an increase in body weight. Supplementing water with a good Chinese herbal yin and blood nourishing herbal tonic, such as Sang Ji Sheng, Forever Health Blood Chi or Chinese Yam and a good diuretic such as K-Power Chi, Kidney Chi or Kidney-Flush Chi can help the body to replenish and maintain the correct amount of moisture needed by the body to function without any resultant edema.

4.) Eating habits - dinner should be relatively light to prevent overburdening the digestive system. Since much of the process of food digestion occurs shortly after eating it is recommended that dinner be eaten several hours before bedtime. This will give the body a chance to focus its energy on the task of food digestion before the body's metabolism begins slowing down as it normally does during sleep or rest. That's why sleeping right after dinner will yield you more weight gain than waiting several hours afterwards before sleeping. Drinking cold beverage with your meal will dilute the digestive juices and slow down the digestive process. Drinking something warm instead, such as Oolong health tea is more beneficial for your stomach and can also help emulsify some of the fat in your meal. After meals it is helpful to take something to assist food digestion such as Forever Health Digest Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi or Metabo Chi. These natural herbal formulas will help facilitate the flow of digestive energy throughout the body and provide enzymes to further assist in food breakdown and assimilation.

5.) Exercise regularly - by increasing daily activities you also increase your body's metabolism helping to burn away excess calories.

6.) Avoid overeating - eat slowly and take the time to enjoy your meal, when you eat too fast your brain doesn't get the message that you are full right away until after you've eaten too much.

7.) Taking Chinese herbal supplements can aid in the process of weight loss - they help by suppressing the appetite (Appetite Suppress Chi) and by increasing the body's metabolism (Metabo Chi). Other herbs that fall in this category include Forever Health Digest Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi and Metabo Chi. For maximum effectiveness these herbs should be supplemented with a good Chinese herbal yin and blood tonic such as Sang Ji Sheng tea, Blood Chi, or Chinese Yam. When used in combination they work together to prevent the overdehydrating and overstimulating side-effects common to dieting.

8.) Consume fewer calories - we need to cut back on calories, but not necessarily on food. If we eat high fiber, low calorie, dense food such as vegetable, fruits, seafood, etc. our bodies will be full with little room for any additional junk food. This will help us to cut back on our calorie intake, helping us to lose weight. Thus if we consume fewer calories than we expend - we will lose weight.

9.) Take a good Chinese herbal yin and blood nourishing herbal tonic - the unique quality of yin and blood tonic is that they help nourish, and repair the internal organs protecting us from the overdehydrating and overstimulating effects common in most weight loss programs. The yin and blood of the body is of paramount importance. Because without it, yang in the form of life energy, cannot be received and contained. We experienced yin and blood deficiencies in many ways. In Western terms when we think and work beyond our capacity we experience something known as burnt out. In Eastern terminology that would then correspond to conditions of yin and blood deficiencies in the body. People who experienced collapse, exhaustion, or total burnt out cannot simply recover by taking yang or energy tonic such as Panax or Siberian ginseng. In this case, any type of yang stimulation will further contribute to increasing the state of yin and blood deficiencies in the body. Yin and blood deficiencies manifest itself as exhaustion and fatigue with symptoms of excess heat and inflammation. This excess heat will further dried up the aqueous moisture content of the internal organs and throughout the body resulting in signs of aging, wrinkles, constipation caused by heat-dried intestine, insomnia, increased aches and pains, decrease in reproductive secretions, memory loss, decrease in the amount of restful sleep, and over sensitivity to sounds and lights among other things. That's why a good blood and yin tonic is needed to help prevent and counteract the effects of these symptoms of over dieting or incorrect dieting. And there is no better blood and yin tonic out on the market than Sang Ji Sheng tea, and Forever Health Blood Chi and Chinese Yam.

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