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Sang Ji Sheng tea is also commonly known as Mulberry Mistletoe tea. The importance of the blood in maintaining good health cannot be overstated. The Chinese describes blood as the "mother of energy" in the sense that blood forms the basic building materials and fluid substances that is required to nourish the essential life essence of our being. Thus blood is represented as a receptacle for sustaining our life energy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the function of the blood is many and varied. Besides providing material nourishment, the blood also provides the necessary moisture needed by the internal organs to function properly. Insufficient blood or blood deficiencies can cause many problems in the body such as weakness, inability to concentrate, hot flashes, increase susceptibility to infections, shortness of breathe, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, palpitation, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, headache and diminished sex drive. In particular women are especially susceptible to blood deficiencies due to their monthly menstrual cycles. In addition because the life span of blood cells are relatively short, the blood needs to be constantly replenished within the body to ensure that it function properly.

The Chinese are famous for using natural herbs, herbal formulas and herbal teas for addressing these types of blood deficiencies. Sang Ji Sheng is an excellent natural herbal tea to remedy these types of blood deficient symptoms. Regular consumption of Sang Ji Sheng will help supplement the body with the necessary component and moisture needed to ensure adequate blood production. This in turn will result in increased level of energy, improved immunological response to stress and sickness, sense of well-being and serenity enhancing the quality of life. The many health benefits of Sang Ji Sheng herbal tea are as follows:

Importance of Sang Ji Sheng in losing weight

Many herbal diet supplements currently on the market achieve weight loss through a process of thermogenesis, or the speeding up of the body's metabolism. Such a rapid increase in the body's metabolic rate can cause potential side effects which includes insomnia, anxiety, heart arrhythmias, constipation, nervous tension, dry mouth, hypertension, fatigue and conditions of dry, wrinkles, sagging, loose or flaking skin. In addition this can lead to a weakening of the stomach and digestive energy which can caused people to more easily regain the weight that they have tried so hard to lose. This is due to the overstimulation and dehydration of the body's internal organs that occurs as the energy and blood reserves of the body are gradually being expended. Sang Ji Sheng herbal tea is therefore necessary to help counteract the drying, overstimulating and energy weakening effects of these various weight-loss products. It is especially important to include Sang Ji Sheng when one plans to undergo a long and vigorous routine of weight loss. This is definitely one Chinese herbal tea that all dieters should not be without. Sang Ji Sheng is a caffeine free beverage that has been consumed, by millions of Chinese for many centuries, on a daily basis for its many excellent health benefits.

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*Note - The Sang Ji Sheng consist of raw, dried barks, leaves, and small branches which need to be decocted into a tea before consumption. It is NOT available in a tea bag and it is NOT a fine tea leaf like Lipton. It is raw bulk herb and comes with simple preparation and consumption instructions. Because of the raw nature of this product there is no return or exchange on this product. Please be certain that you want this product before ordering it. The date stamp on the box is the date that it was package at the factory. Due to its weight, additional postage may be required when shipping this item - see shipping info.

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