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Why Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese colon cleansing formula are different from others - we have the best traditional Chinese herbal colon cleansing formula available:

1.) They help eliminate the majority of toxins from your colon (following the preparation instructions). Once toxins are removed, the body can start healing itself, with proper nutrition and care, and health can then be restore.

2.) Every time that you want to detoxify your colon you only need to drink the Superior Nature Cleanse formulas within a day (to prevent weakening the digestive system) instead of over several days or several weeks as with other colon detoxification products.

3.) After detoxification, the majority of people will lose up to 6 pounds in a day.

Nowadays Americans understand the importance of detoxifying their colon to help them prevent all kinds of diseases caused by the accumulation of toxins in their bodies over time. But they don't realize that the majority of the herbal cleansing formulas out there contains herbs such as senna, cascara sagrada, aloe vera, and rhubarb root that are meant primarily for short-term use - they are rarely recommended for long-term use.

Overuse of these herbs can lead to loss of fluids, low potassium levels, over dependence, diarrhea, headaches, and pain caused by dryness, fatigue and can impair or even damage the digestive system. Therefore they should not be use for any great length of time. Most of the Western colon cleansing formulas out there require that it be consumed anywhere from 7 to 30 days. This can harm one's digestive system weakening the energy of the stomach.

Toxins retained in the body over time will gradually turn into a slime-like substance in the colon as a result of excess heat. The longer this heat toxin remains in the body the more difficult it is to clean out and will eventually manifest itself into other heat symptoms such as nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, gas bloating, bladder, prostrate, and yeast infections, back pain, allergies, hypoglycemia, depression, etc.

If left untreated these heat toxins will gradually spread out and impair other organs such as the stomach, kidney, liver, etc. Once overheated, these organs will decline in their ability to absorb nutrients and circulate energy freely, resulting in what the Chinese call damp-heat (water retention) toxins. Upward mobility of damp-heat will cause sinus congestion, sore throat, hair loss, stinging eyes, heavy menstrual, insomnia and asthma while downward movement will result in back pain, knee stiffness, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, impotence and swollen, tired legs.

The Superior Nature Cleanse colon cleansing formulas can help expel damp-heat as well as other toxins from the body due to its purgative, lubricating and cooling properties. That's why you should use the Superior Nature Cleanse detoxification formulas, which comes packaged with Superior Nature Cleanse, Superior Energy Cleanse, and Superior Nature Lubrication formulas to address all of the above-mentioned problems. Damp-heat, impurities and other toxins are the main causes of heat symptoms mentioned above with other factors such as poor diet and eating habits, emotional state and weather conditions also playing a role. They should all be addressed in order to help speed up one's recovery back to good health.

After detoxification continued health needs to be maintained with proper digestive support to ensure nutrient absorption. Many illnesses will reoccur from poor digestive function. Without a healthy digestive system the body will not receive the essential nutrients it needs, nor will it be able to eliminate toxic waste from the body resulting once again in the re-accumulation of stagnant/undigested food and thus excess weight gains. Therefore it is necessary to take a good herbal tonic supplement afterwards to help strengthen the digestive system and assist in the assimilation of nutrients needed to keep the body functioning normally. Such an excellent natural Chinese herbal tonic is Forever Health's Digest Chi. The ingredients in this natural Chinese herbal formula have been used safely and effectively for centuries by millions of Chinese. Click here to learn how Digest Chi unique formula can be beneficial to you in your quest to lose weight.

Superior Nature Cleanse formulas* w/Digest Chi** (60 capsules) - $29.99  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 3 packets raw bulk herbs, 1-superior nature cleanse, 1-superior energy cleanse, 1-superior nature lubrication formulas)
(this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering) (*not suitable if pregnant, prone to diarrhea or in a weakened physical state)
**Digest Chi is highly recommended, after cleansing, to help strengthen and maintain sufficient digestive energy necessary for good digestive health and continual weight loss.

Superior Nature Cleanse formula ingredients - Turkey Rhubarb, Senna Leaves, Licorice, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Scrophularia Root, Red Sage Root, Mulberry Fruit, Prunella Spike, Bamboo Leaves, Glauber's Salt.

Superior Energy Cleanse formula ingredients - Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Red Sage Root, Cistanche, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Scrophularia Root.

Superior Nature Lubrication formula ingredients - Rehmannia, Bamboo Leaves, Licorice, Red Sage Root, Wood Peony, Mulberry Fruit, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Motherwort, Prunella Spike, Scrophularia Root, Wolly Grass.

Senna Leaf/Lubrication Cleanse program* - $23.99  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 2 packets raw bulk herbs, 1-senna leaf, 1-superior nature lubrication formula and 1 bottle (60 caps) of Digest Chi).  (cannot ship to P. O. Box) (this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering)
(*not suitable if pregnant, prone to diarrhea or in a weakened physical state)

Superior Nature Lubrication formula* - $6.00  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 1 packet raw bulk herbs) (this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering)

***Note - The above formulas consist of raw Chinese bulk herbs, hence its potency when compared to capsules and other pre-processed colon cleansing products and requires a fair amount of preparation. A detailed preparation and consumption instruction is enclosed with your order. The properly prepared decoctions will have a bitter taste which you can make more palatable with the addition of some honey or sugar. If you are NOT serious about colon cleansing or are more concerned with convenience rather than maximum effectiveness please do not order this product. Instead use our Forever Health Bowel Cleanse formula (capsule format) for milder, gentler cleansing. Due to the raw nature of these formulas there is no return or exchange on this product. Please be certain that you want this product before ordering it.

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